Friday, April 18, 2014

chez dufresne is moving!

shocking, I know. as much as we have loved our little suburban cottage we have decided it isn't our forever home...and that maybe we like nesting in new places too much to commit to a forever home anytime soon! i have always loved old houses but the effort and money required can be overwhelming. 

as a young couple without kids (yet?) we are doing what a lot of other young couples are doing - moving back towards the city. renting looks like a better deal for the next few years because of the mobility, liquidity and freedom from expensive, time-consuming house projects it affords. 

when the weeping cherry first bloomed last week I felt a little sad...

...but once packing hell is behind us and we are exploring our new urban neighborhood (courthouse in arlington!) in the springtime, I trust that this move will be worth it.

so what's in store? introducing chez dufresne URBAN!

a brand new building 2 blocks from the metro and within sight of the district. walking distance to georgetown. very little space but (we hope) exactly the right space. 

obviously this calls for a very different interior design style. comfort is always priority #1, and I know I will be missing my gardens this summer, so a need to inject life and richness into such a sleek, tiny (729 sq ft) apartment led me to the organic modern design style. think west elm, with a little anthro, restoration hardware and cb2 thrown in. perfect example:

neutrals, texture, organic shapes and materials, bright light and a few houseplants.

for a teaser, here are some of our selections so far. in about 3 weeks we will be moved in and posting a juicy first look.

restoration hardware sorenson sofa

cb2 framework credenza tv stand

cb2 supra bed

crate and barrel nightstand

west elm hex coffee table

hanging terrariums!

cb2 bookshelf

west elm victor armchair

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

master bedroom

Just painted the master bedroom (Sherwin Williams 'Contented') and almost finished trimming out the built-ins around the bed. The panel between the Ikea units is a wood frame with metal radiator cover panels backed with burlap. Pretty cute, eh?

Thursday, October 24, 2013


so after not blogging at all for two months, two posts in one day! i took late summer off from major house projects, but here are a few snapshots of life at chez dufresne.

tada! finally got a cowhide rug and sheepskin, after salivating over millions of pinterest photos...and the room feels much warmer and cozier with the addition of soft fur and organic shapes.

came home one night to these delectable little tacos - eggs, bacon, homemade cheese...this is my life, guys!

if you aren't married yet, pick a spouse who can cook! sausage and clam pizza

heuchera in the it crimson curls? not sure but it's lovely

fav fall bouquet so far...the white flowers are chocolate snakeroot, purple are russian sage

roses, yarrow, lavender

sometimes the container makes the bouquet special

roses, lavender and euphorbia 'ascot rainbow'

doggies. still cute.

view from my bedroom window this morning. i love my home.

what a difference a year makes

time for some before and after's! it's been over a year since we moved in!

BEFORE...this was last fall

and more swingset, garden thriving
firepit and baby trees in the background

the deck now


BEFORE...look how tiny everything was in spring, and no lacebark elm yet

AFTER...i love how lush and colorful this garden is even at the end of october. 
planting all year long has helped me achieve 4-season interest

loving that grass on far left
view from the side door

orange flame mahonia and baby lenten roses and bigroot geraniums

more view from mudroom - foliage just starting to turn colors

the driveway and screen porch that weren't even here last fall!

screen porch garden filling in nicely

fall is here!


next project:  make a path through muddy side yard, take out vinca or at least contain it on hillside

with this ancient dogwood in the side yard, the site has sooo much potential!

Friday, August 9, 2013

cape cod vacation - tons of inspiration!

yep. coastal cottages are where it's at. I suspected from photos and movies that the cape would be my aesthetic heaven, and after a week in wellfleet I'm not sure I've ever seen a prettier place.